Noms: How to make snow ice cream


Snow ice cream with hot fudge on top sits in a green bowl.What do you do when the universe dumps 5+ inches of snow into your backyard? Make ice cream. Of course.

Today is Mizzou’s second consecutive snow day. I kind of want to build a snowman — thanks, Frozen — but this afternoon I just decided to make snow ice cream. I saw friends talking about it yesterday and thought I’d try it.

Turns out, it’s ridiculously easy! Which is perfect because we’re all pretty lazy on snow days 🙂

Just take this stuff…

All you need to make snow ice cream is milk, sugar and vanilla — and snow!

Milk — White sugar — Vanilla

And a bunch of the white stuff…

A bunch of snow rests in a bowl, preparing to make snow ice cream.

Yes, I went out into my backyard with a measuring cup. I don’t want to know what the neighbors think of me.

And mix it all together! That’s it! I even added fudge to mine, because, you know, SNOLO 🙂


Mix in the vanilla and sugar first, then the milk. Stir well!

Warning: As snow tends to do (unless it’s blocking your driveway), this stuff melts quickly. Enjoy it right away! If you decide to make some, comment below and let me know how it turns out.

Check out the full recipe over on, written by Lil’MadSavy. I halfed the measurements to make a smaller portion.


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