Nom Flashback: How I Met Your Mother’s Sumbitches



I’ll admit that I got a super-late start in watching How I Met Your Mother. I don’t watch much TV, but I decided to give HIMYM a shot in mid-2012 after being told to do so by several friends I knew from different activities. I thought, “If all these different people like it, it has to be good, right?”


Thanks to Netflix, I burned through seven seasons that summer, watching an episode or two while I got ready for my internship and then a few more when I got home. I was so hooked. I love the characters — don’t ask me to pick a favorite! — and I love the continuity of the show, all the little inside jokes that you can see running throughout the seasons. It’s a funny, funny show, but it’s so smartly written.

I am going to be so, so sad when it ends tonight.

In honor of the series finale, I’m recommending a recipe for a treat that show fans will recognize. Link — and mild spoilers — after the jump!

When Lily meets The Mother, she’s in the middle of a bit of a breakdown. The Mother, in a move that won me over right away, offers her a cookie. The two both named them the same thing — “sumbitches,” as in “those are some tasty sumbitches.” So Lily.

When a recipe showed up on People Magazine’s website a few days later, I was super on board. Peanut butter? Chocolate? Caramel? Yes to all.

They weren’t hard to make, and my friends loved them. They’re great — full of flavor, thin but not crispy, chewy both because of the PB dough and the caramel center.

Here’s the recipe I used. For the “chocolate-covered caramel candy bars, I used mostly Rolos, which worked great; I threw in a few Milky Ways at the end, and those were good, too. Enjoy!

And enjoy the finale tonight. It’s been a great run.


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