Local Noms: Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company


Customers order from the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company truck in Columbia.

The food truck is still such a novel concept to me, but I’m totally on board. A restaurant on wheels? Yes, please. It’s almost like there’s an element of surprise added to your eating experience — you’re never quite sure when or where they’re going to pop up.

I also love that most of them have themes or specialties. I’ve eaten from pizza and grilled cheese trucks in Milwaukee. I’ve seen a cupcake truck in Chicago.

Last week, I had my first Columbia food truck adventure when the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company rolled up behind my workplace, right around dinnertime. And let me tell you, it was all kinds of perfect.

The Sooie Pig sandwich consists of pulled pork between two biscuits.

I’ve recently grown fond of pulled pork sandwiches, and the biscuit truck’s version, the Sooie Pig, did not disappoint. So many flavors and textures! The crumbly, salty biscuits were great with the somewhat-sweet sauce on the pork. It was a huge sandwich, and I almost gave up eating it near the end, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave any behind!

It’s a bit of a challenge to eat this sandwich because it’s so huge and crumbly, but I found that tearing off pieces worked really well. I wouldn’t recommend that method, though, if you value having clean hands! I appreciated that the biscuit truck was generous with napkins.

Margaux shows off her messy hands and sandwich wrapper after eating a Sooie Pig sandwich.

My hands were pretty messy after I ate the whole sandwich. Sloppy, but so worth it.

Note that the Sooie Pig is intended to come with kale slaw on it. I ordered mine without — picky eater! — but got a shot of a friend’s plus-slaw sandwich. Pretty, isn’t it?

The Sooie Pig, when ordered as intended, is topped with a slaw.

Other coworkers ordered different things, and they all seemed  happy with their meals.

One tried the Fredericks-Burger, below, and had this to say:

The Fredericks Burger was full of flavor — moist beef infused with smoked cheddar and tangy pickled zucchini. It fell apart as I was eating it, but was worth the mess.

The Fredricks-Burger is topped with cheddar cheese and pickled zucchini.

Another tried the Chicken Fried Chicken, which might be my next order, though it somewhat intimidates me. Fried chicken with an egg on it, plus greens and gravy? We’ll see.

The chicken fried chicken sandwich also has gravy, greens and an egg on it.

And, because we couldn’t go without dessert, a few of us also ordered plain biscuits with jelly to eat later in the night. GOOD DECISION.

A biscuit sits covered in apple jelly.Although it wasn’t as great reheated as it probably would have been fresh — the huge amount of butter made it get a little soggy in the microwave — my biscuit was still great. Its saltiness was so tasty when paired with the biscuit truck’s house-made apple butter. The apple butter was also fantastic on its own — after I finished my biscuit, I may or may not have eaten the leftover apple butter with a knife. Maybe.

All in all, I was very happy with my Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company experience. The prices were a little high, but the portions were generous and the food was great, so I’d call it worth it. The wait for my order wasn’t too long — it just gave me more time out in the sunshine! — and the food definitely tasted fresh. I can’t wait until the biscuit truck and I meet again.

To see the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company’s full menu, check out their website. To see where they’ll be next, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Note: No one paid me/gave me free food/asked me nicely to write this post. I’m just a customer sharing my opinions on a local eating experience. Nom!


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